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Let's Jump In! 

We are excited that you and your student-athlete are ready to take the next step. We would love to meet you and your student-athlete to help them along their journey! Jump-start our process with a week-long trial, offering the chance to experience our training environment.

Trial Week:

  • Up to 3 training sessions in a week (based on availability).

  • Participate with other inquiring and current athletes.

  • Focus on assessing basic training knowledge, movement patterns, speed, change of direction, plyometric abilities, and weight room familiarity.

  • No formal testing during the trial. 


Duration: 1-3 (1hr) Sessions within the same week

Cost: $160

Equipment needed: Cleats and flats (tennis shoes) for testing purposes.

Join us at LSP to unlock your child’s potential through our expert training and supportive environment. Start today and watch them thrive in both sports and life!


Click the "Start My Trial" Button, and follow the prompts, when reserving a time please select "View Passes", select "Athlete Trial Week", Checkout, and then book time slots that work best for you.


*All sessions of the trial must take place in the same week.

Want a more individulized Evaluation with testing?

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